My name is Laura Cuñat (Valencia, 1985) I have a degree in Fine Arts, a tireless traveler, lover of small things, storyteller and, if you like, the artist will grasp onto a moment of your life and change it into art.

Maps have always been part of my life. Now they are the basis of my Almagrafías, canvas lined with paths and personal experiences that immortalize memories, stages, special places …

Throughout my life I have lived and worked in several cities: Milan, New York, Passau (Germany) and Valencia could all well be the protagonists of my own Almagrafía.

Returning to my hometown, after a very artistically rewarding international tour, I undertook this project under the umbrella of JanKenPón, brand coining all my works of mixed media. As I said, maps and city plans have always fascinated me, so I started to merge that passion with the collages and my experiences in each trip, helping me with small drawings, phrases or letters.

Almagraphies is my ideal excuse to travel with you, even mentally, to different parts of the world and project my impressions.