How is an Almagrafía?

Your almagrafía is made on a wooden frame that can be one of three sizes:

S 100×70 cm >> 800€

M 150×90 cm >> 1200€

L 200×100 cm >> 1500€

You choose the size, either at the time of the purchase of the interview or later when we talk about the trip and develop the idea of the work.


How can I order an Almagrafía?

You must place an order by filling out the form in the YOUR ALMAGRAFIA section with your personal contact information, indicate the size of the work – if you already know it – and, finally, select the day of our interview.


What happens in the interview?

When you order the work, you can select the day in which we will meet by videoconference or in person – if you live in Valencia, Spain-. For roughly an hour, you will tell me about your trip or their trip -if it is a gift- and we will talk about the emotional aspects that have led you to want to express it forever in a work of art. I will be the interpreter before the painting and I will get to work with scissors, paint and maps, to enjoy that other precious journey that is to travel in yours through memories, museums,, photos, tickets and various daily souvenirs, with which you like to challenge me in each Almagrafia.


When and how do I pay for my Almagrafía?

When booking the interview you must make the first payment of 80 euros, the rest you will have to pay once we do our interview.


How long until I receive my Almagrafía?

Once the interview is over, the production phase begins, in which we will exchange experiences and material. After gathering all the memories, we will establish a date for the presentation of the artistic dossier where the work is shown and small implementations are proposed. The delivery date will be immediate to the submission of the dossier (in total, a maximum period of one month).


What is the artistic dossier?

It is a documentation that precedes the work, where the process and its development are explained. It includes detailed photographs and the evolution of Almagrafía, attesting to the completion of it.


Do I have to had made a huge trip to capture it into an Almagrafía?

YOU DO NOT! Often the most intense trips begin and end closer than we imagine.


What happens if after an interview I decide to cancel the order?

In case you decide not to continue with the process of buying the Almagrafía, during the 24 hours following the interview, there will be no additional charge for you .