It was a quick stopover between two cities of the world that took her one day to the tulip kingdom. As soon as she put her feet in that city, she promised to return to visit it as she deserved, living it, mixing and discovering each channel’s discursive lines.

And that is how Anna decided to apply for a doctorate position at the University of Amsterdam. A year of many experiences with her housemates: Belén, Marc and Sandra.

Belén, returned shortly after Anna, Marc and Sandra continue, possibly never to come back, but did not want to miss Dr. Ana Fernández’s 30th birthday and remind her with this book that her life keeps the taste of stroopwafels, the smell of Sundays in the flower market and the happiness that bestows the embracing heart of Europe.

The surprise was great. If there is something special about the stores, they are the capacity to awaken emotions from the past.

“I keep looking at her and as I watch her closely, I discover in the painting more references of a wonderful time that I am now fortunate enough to relive almost daily”, Ana.