Alaska and Monaco


60×50 cm


The pretext and impulse of the work to which I was confronted was so beautiful, complex and at the same time so simple that I saw clearly from the beginning the main driving force of it: the infinite love and admiration of a daughter by her parents, and the strength of these to overcome the tests that life sometimes gives us.

The heart is the center of this story; the muscle that has been disease and cure for Fefi; everything comes from him. Guillermo and Fefi are united in one and it is from where all the stories, travels and of course Nuria are born.

September is the key month and 2017 the year in which she is born again and her strong heart allows her to travel to Monaco with her daughter, and Guillermo to Alaska, thus returning to an annual tradition. 2017 is the year to celebrate life and new roads, united now more than ever.

As the table reflects, from 2014 to 2016 are years to scratch and forget, as the future that awaits you is full of hope, dreams to fulfill, travel and laughter, lots of laughter.

From the upper arteries of the heart, the journey through the Cote d’Azur is born. A journey in his garnet Fiat 500 to the Thelma and Louise from Cannes to Monaco passing through Saint Paul de Vence, the views from Grande Corniche, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Corniche Moyenne and Eze. A path of roses (white, like Fefi likes) with his daughter, and a magic butterfly always taking care of them. Would it be Guillermo thinking of them all the way from Alaska?

The Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo is the starting and resting point.

Many kilometers away, specifically in Yakutat (Alaska) he is together with 4 friends; the fisherman who “fished” Fefi 44 years ago (and yes, also in September) and from which he has not separated again. 20 days of coexistence in a cabin in the purest “Northern Exposure”.

That union, courage and smiles are what have guided me throughout the process of the painting.

An example of that there are loves that can with everything, and make you look towards a future full of positivity and desire to eat the world.